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In My Garden by the Sea.jpg

In My Garden by the Sea,  Mixed Media, 5-15-2020


Journal Entry,  Mixed Media, 4-12-2020

Beach Link Bracelet Resized.jpg

landscape painting

Sagamore Birch Trees, Pastel, 2017

Levon's Pond, Pastel, 2016

Raquette Lake from the Durant, Acrylic on Panel, 2016



Family (detail), Acrylic, 2019

Blue Abyss.jpg

Blue Abyss, Acrylic, 2016

Blue Abyss, Acrylic, 2017

MCOST Santa Fe.jpg

Santa Fe, Acrylic, 2019


Blue Crystal Trio Bands Cropped.jpg
Turquoise Picasso and Bronze Tila Loom B
Swarovski Pearl, Turquoise and Silver Wa
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To order from Orchid Art & Jewelry Design